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Emma Wu

Miss Emma learned to play the violin when she was 5 years old. Because of her talent and work ethic, she became concertmaster in the school orchestra while in middle school. In 2009, she led the orchestra to participate in a student arts competition held by Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of Education and won the first prize.

Since high school, Miss Emma studied with Professor Zhang Ti, a famous violinist at Central Conservatory of Music and in 2012, was offered to study in the school of Music in Renmin University. Miss Emma also represented her university playing on the World Conference on Sinology and visited University Science and Technology Beijing on behalf of her university. In 2015, she was invited by Taiwan Youth Symphony Orchestra to visit and play in Taiwan. She is currently enrolled in the Violin Performance Master’s program at UNT.

Miss Emma’s teaching philosophy concentrates on inspiring and encouraging all students’ potential abilities and their hearts of loving music. When students are in lessons with her, the process of teaching music is listening, singing, playing, and improvisation respectively which emanates from the development of learning a native language. Her intention in lessons is to help students enjoy the process of learning to play the violin and make progress confidently and gradually.

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Emma Wu