Make-Up Lessons

Can’t make it to your lesson in-person?
At CMM, we have two separate options for you!

5 Steps for a successful ONLINE LESSON

  1. App or Program? Establish what you will use: FaceTime or Skype. Exchange information with your teacher via their email an hour or two before the lesson is to begin, and email them an image of your most recent assignment.
  2. Be Ready! Set up 5 minutes before your lesson start time. This means:
    • Use the bathroom
    • Make sure all of your materials are ready and in front of you
    • Check your email to make sure you received the most recent communication from your teacher
    • Open your binder to the latest assignment

  3. Camera Angle. This should be the view a teacher has from their standpoint during in-person lessons. This means the camera may need to be propped up, so that the teacher can see your face and your hands in the camera’s view.
  4. Call. Wait for your teacher to call you–they may be a minute or two behind, so please be a little patient!
  5. Follow-up. Check your email at the completion of your lesson for the recent assignment from your teacher. Then, please PRINT and place in your assignment binder.

2 Steps for a successful VIDEO LESSON

*Video lessons need a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice for the teacher to adequately plan and implement. If you do not have the video or audio link shared with the teacher 24 hours in advance, we cannot guarantee this option.

  1. Assignment. Take an image of your most recent assignment sheet, and email to your teacher. Then, record yourself playing those pieces (warm-up included). Video is preferred but you may need to have a YouTube or Vimeo account set up to upload (and set to private). If that doesn’t work, simply take an audio recording and email to your teacher. If you have the video link, please then email directly to your teacher.
  2. During your regularly scheduled lesson, your teacher will then listen/watch your recording and use the remaining part of your lesson time to record instructions for the following week. By the end of your regularly scheduled lesson, your teacher will eamil you their video/instructions for the next week. Voila!

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