Summer 2019

Summer/2019 Information is now available.

SUMMER! (May 13th - August 4th)

Why Summer? Students have worked SO hard over the course of the school year and we want to maintain the same momentum for the 3 month summer term. Retention and progress are much higher when we stay consistent with our efforts. We have found retention rate for students who take lessons all year round to be between 90 and 100%, in contrast to students who take off the summer and come back at about 70%. The smaller the children, the lower the retention rate is after 3 months off.


Adults - 6 private lessons

Children - 5 private lessons and 3-4 classes

*All summer private lessons are 45-minutes in length

Enrichment Class Schedule: At the Centre for Musical Minds, we have found the highest participation rate for classes happens in May/June before travel schedules ensue, so you will notice our group enrichment classes happen primarily in May and June. Enrichment classes give students an outlet for creativity and for something a little different where they can build relationships with others and take in information in new ways.

Private Lesson Schedule: We encourage our families to space out lessons to give young musicians a chance to explore musical avenues that we are usually unable to accommodate during the school-year.

Music lessons are far more beneficial and long-lasting when students have the opportunity and are encouraged to create simply for the experience of creating. We love our private lessons, but it’s only one facet of learning music which is why we always offer creative enrichment classes in the summer. Thank you for your interest and participation!

Dates: Summer Session Dates: May 13 - August 4

Individual Teacher Sign Ups

Miss Eva’s Summer Sign Up

Miss Holly’s Summer Sign Up

Mr. Ted’s In Home Summer Sign Up
Mr. Ted’s In Studio Summer Sign Up
Miss Andrea’s Summer Sign Up
Miss Kristin’s Summer Sign Up
Mr. Nigel’s Summer Sign Up
Miss Katie’s Summer Sign Up
Miss Linda’s In Studio Summer Sign Up
Miss Linda’s In Home Prosper and Surrounding Area Summer Sign Up
Miss Linda’s In Home Frisco and Surrounding Area Summer Sign Up

Middle and High School Age Sign Ups:

Songwriting with Drew Scott Sign Up

Summer Jam Sign Up

All Ages Sign Ups:

Create and Compose Workshops Sign Up

Playing and Singing Like a Pro Sign Up

Keyboard Ensemble Sign Up

Royal Conservatory Scale Skills Bootcamp Sign Up

Salubrious Juice Bar Gig

Recital/Master Class with Todd Van Kekerix

Retirement Center Performance - June 15

Retirement Center Performance - June 29


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