2022-2023 policy agreement

No Food or Drinks: Please do not bring outside food or drinks other than bottled water, or a drink with a lid.

Schedule: Music study is a year-round endeavor and includes 33 private lessons per year, 2 performance classes, 1 awards-based class, 2 professionally recorded videos and multiple performance opportunities, which are always encouraged but never required.

Parent Pick-Up: We ask that if you are dropping off your child for his/her lesson, please be prompt in picking them up at the end of their lesson. This will ensure all students’ lessons can begin and end on time.

Billing: Since we operate on a year-round tuition model, our tuition is invoiced on a calendar basis with a set monthly amount. You may receive $400 worth of classes and activities one month, but your set monthly tuition is the same. Likewise, you may receive one lesson like in the month of July, but the monthly amount is still the same - it averages over 12 months.

Make-Up Lessons: Our faculty members are full-time musicians and teachers, and often cannot accommodate changes in their schedules. While we do not schedule make up lessons, we DO offer two fantastic alternatives. Online over FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype if the student cannot make it in person, or with enough notice, a video exchange between student and teacher, where the teacher utilizes the student’s lesson time. Check out the specifics here: http://www.centreformusicalminds.org/resources/make-up-lessons

Payment: Option 1: Pay in full in February for the year, for a 10% discount. This includes the upcoming summer, fall and spring semesters.

Payment Option 2: Pay monthly using auto-pay.

Disclaimer: There will be times when we take photos and/or video that we may use for marketing and promotional purposes. We always try and ask for permission prior to sharing, and if you prefer you/your child not appear in our marketing, we absolutely respect that. Please simply remind us if you see photos being taken!


Centre for Musical Minds
8000 Preston Road - Southeast corner of Preston and Hickory; one block south of Preston and Main (please use Google Maps; not Apple) for correct directions to our studio.
Suite 404
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t- 214-586-4309
e- info@centremm.org