Practicing Tips

3 myths and 3 recommendations for a successful musical journey!


  1. Practicing should be fun. Playing is fun, practicing is not, typically. At CMM we try to find the joy in the process of learning and doing something well through careful repertoire selection and reinforcing good prac- tice habits at home.
  2. My child doesn’t like practicing. Likely your child doesn’t want to sit alone, and do the hard work that takes time to make something better, especially when they could be outside playing with friends. Can’t blame them here! The more consistent the practice schedule, the more relatable the music is (student requests are encouraged,) the less resistance you will likely feel.
  3. I’m not going to make him/her practice. PLEASE reconsider! See some of the suggestions below for some useful ideas you can use at home. The sooner practicing becomes habit, the easier it is to get in the (growth) mindset.


  1. The best day to practice is the day OF your child’s lesson, AFTER their lesson. Instead of saying “go practice,” try taking just a few minutes and going to the piano (or guitar) with your child, saying instead, “show me what you worked on today in your music lesson.” Use it as an opportunity to your child to be the teacher.
  2. Ask engaging questions such as “what’s your favorite piece you’re working on right now” or “will you show me the most challenging section of your piece and walk me through how you’ll make it better for next week?”
  3. Schedule small chunks of time. Two (focused) 10 minute practice sessions a day can be more effective than 45 minutes of grumpy resistance.

Note from the Director

Dear Parents,

Encouragement in music lessons is integral to the success of your child’s musical journey. We have two goals for each student at CMM: for students and families to enjoy the process of learning (creating lifelong learners) and for joy of music and creativity to be felt in each home. Studying music is a journey that requires consistent effort and encouragement. With regular lesson attendance year round, enrichment classes and activities, combined with our experienced teaching faculty, we offer what we feel are the most comprehensive and enjoyable music lessons available to the comunity.

Cheers to one of the most rewarding journeys of your life!

Kristin Yost
Director, The Centre for Musical Minds


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